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My mission is to support you moms and your families. I want to leave you with tangible memories in the most beautiful, fine-art way. To unveil the charm and exceptional beauty of being a mom. And best of all, you get to do something good for the world when you book a session with me. Did you know 5 percent of each of your session’s profits go to Stanford Children’s Hospital. You can check out their website and make a donation here.

So for me and you, this is an opportunity to do something great. This isn’t only for you as my clients but for those in need AND for the future health of all of our children!

When you book a session with me, you’re indulging yourself in the beauty of culture, too. I love the idea of supporting different cultures in the United States. My photography is the combination of schools from the best Russian, fine-art, family photographers and our American reality and lifestyle.

I always adapt my services to you

  • Natalia
    ""We had a great 1st Birthday photo session with Elena, and now we have a few absolutely lovely photos of our little one. We highly recommend her services.""
    San Jose
  • Jen W.
    "Elena is very good at what she is doing. Very professional in every aspect of photography. My family and I had a session with her. It was an amazing experience. We love all the photos. Each was like magical. She knows how to communicate with kids My 3-year old daughter and 5-year old son are actually shy on camera, but she made them smile and act naturally. The entire time was just fun and easy. We are very thankful to be a part of it.""
    Jen W.
    Santa Cruz
  • Shella
    "Elena is an amazing photographer. She is very nice to the kids and you'll feel comfortable at your photoshoot because she'd give you ideas on what posing you can/should do. She also has great places to recommend. One of the things I like is she'd let you do your own thing and capture the real smiles on your faces! This is our first family photoshoot and it came out beautiful. I definitely recommend her! Thank you so much Elena"
    Santa Cruz
  • “Elena is a very talented photographer. Her selection of locations and settings ensures whimsical quality to the images. We are very lucky we got to work with her. She is also very professional and delivers images on time. I highly recommend her services,
    Santa Cruz
  • Christina

    I LOVE OUR FAMILY PHOTOS!! It was our first photo session as a family of four. She captured the warmth and sweetness of home, the precious tenderness of our newborn, the wild spirit of our three-year-old and our love for one another. Thank you so much, Elena!"

    Scotts Valley
  • Nadine
    Last spring we had a wonderful family photoshoot with Elena. I loved it so much! It looks natural and still magical. I like the overall color of the photo shoot. And I absolutely adore her work and style because of using that beautiful natural light
  • Alexandra
    I had a wonderful experience with Elena. She is such a kind, bright, delicate and beautiful photographer. I couldn't wait to see the images after our session, but Elena didn't make me wait. Photos came out as I expected, just perfect. We had two photo sessions with Elena. The first one was just with me. Elena brought flower wreath that made my photos even more beautiful and interesting. And then couple of weeks later it was my daughter second birthday and Elena made it more special. As a mother of 2 she knows how to behave with kids and my daughter felt very relaxed around her. I am absolutely thrilled with the overall experience and look forward with having another session with her again!
  • Irina
    I love to do photoshoots and I try to do them frequently with different photographers. So far Elena is one of the best photographers to work with! She can see the magic everywhere in the simplest things around and show it to you on your final prints. It could be just the bush on the side of the road for you, but in the final shot it looks like you've been Wonderland. I don't know how she does it, but she does it fantastic! It's a very pleasant experience to have and I love every shot we took! I can't even choose my favorite one! There are so many of them! I highly recommend Elena to everyone!
    San Jose