I will help your family capture magical moments through customized, stunning photography to tell your full story.

Tantric photography

Tantric photography can be any genre, any design, but where I can guide you more and deeper in this spiritual process.

Tantric photography is a spiritual process, which can unveil a lot to yourself and connect you closer and deeper to your heart.

  • I’m a tantra practitioner
  • I love tantra and what it gives

After doing photography for other people and women especially, I realized how we may be sometimes disconnected from our bodies, our heart and our mind. How we are vulnerable to see reflection of ourselves and our beautifully designed bodies. And I was dreaming of creating a space where: 

  • You could finally love more your life and your body and create a portrait of your self esteem and acceptance
  • Push your limits and find out more about your masculinity or femininity and all other sides of you
  • Celebrate your life, your loved ones and your body as a temple of soul and love
  • With each portrait create something important and meaningful for yourself
  • To literally put in color and image the love and passing or whatever you need right now
  • Tantra is a deep and remarkable connection between the sexual and the spiritualthrough 

Provide services to Santa Cruz and San Francisco Bay Area


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